Wind mitigation inspection

Wind mitigation inspection

What is a wind mitigation inspection?

This type of inspection aims to identify features that can reduce the risk of wind damage.
The inspection typically covers various aspects of the property’s construction and design that contribute to its ability to withstand wind forces.


Conducting The Inspection

Wind mitigation inspection is a specialized assessment conducted on a property to evaluate its vulnerability to wind damage.

Wind mitigation inspections are often conducted by qualified and certified inspectors, and the findings can be used to provide documentation for insurance companies.

In regions prone to hurricanes or high-wind events, homeowners may benefit from these inspections to potentially reduce insurance costs by demonstrating that their property is well-prepared to withstand wind-related risks.

Inspections Cover Several features Such As:

  • Building Code Compliance
  • Age of the roof
  • Decking attachment and roof covering performance
  • Wall construction
  • Roof-to-wall attachments
  • Secondary water resistance
  • Roof shape

  • All openings like windows and doors
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Is an inspection mandatory?

This inspection is not mandatory!

Neither insurers nor any state laws will compel you to carry out a wind mitigation inspection.

However, several states have enacted laws that require insurance companies to provide premium discounts and credits to their clients.

Therefore, you need to conduct a wind mitigation inspection to qualify for the insurance premium discount.

At All Phase Roofing we can help you with the Wind Mitigation Inspection services.

Benefits of an inspection

Apart from protecting your home against destruction by hurricanes, a mitigation inspection helps to reduce your home insurance premiums
After getting a wind mitigation inspection, you will be able to provide a report to your insurance company and get a maximum discount of up to 88% of your insurance premium.
Wind Mitigation Insurance helps you avoid costly deductibles of up to $20,000 in hurricane-prone regions where moderate and mild wind damages are not covered by insurance.
A wind mitigation inspection report helps you qualify for a mortgage where lenders will require homeowners to present wind mitigation insurance to prove that your home is not vulnerable to wind damage.
Wind mitigation is one of the most convenient ways to save funds on your insurance discounts. Mitigation policies are formulated to limit the impact of wind damage.
Several incentives have been developed to encourage homeowners to implement mitigation improvements, and licensed home inspectors can recommend the necessary enhancement for your home.

Ready to enlist top-tier roofing services?

Whether it’s your home or business in the Tampa Bay area, we’re here to be your go-to for exceptional roofing services. Let us help you achieve the perfect roofing solution.


Ready To Enlist Top-Tier Roofing Services?

Whether it’s your home or business in the Tampa Bay area, we’re here to be your go-to for exceptional roofing services. Let us help you achieve the perfect roofing solution.


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