Although roofs protect and cover an entire house, most people overlook the maintenance part. Your roof’s warranty won’t last forever. In fact, homeowners never think there is a problem until it is too late. It is worth pointing out that even the most complex roof plans have an expiry date.

Nonetheless, a well-maintained roof can last way beyond its warranty without significant issues. The easiest way to win this battle starts by pinpointing the common cause of roof challenges. Thankfully, veteran professionals at All Phase Roofing Services effectively handle all types of roofing projects.

Whether you want to install, replace or repair, the qualified personnel guide property owners to safe and cost-effective solutions. The good news is that easy roof fixes go a long way in preventing costly and complicated problems. Join us as we define three major factors that affect different types of roofs and how to go about them.


Roofs require regular maintenance to prevent huge hiccups in the future. Beyond anything else, the roof should stand out among other aspects of your home. Not only should it guarantee proper covering, but it also enhances the curb appeal. To achieve this, contractors must focus on making roofs one of the most resilient parts of the house. In addition, roof repairs should take a leading position amongst other home makeover tactics.

Fortunately, All Phase Roofing Services offers free quotes and repair estimates real fast. Remember that the entire approximation is compiled by proficient roofing experts using the latest technology. Most impressive is that they also offer yearly maintenance plans, warranty extensions, and work proposals with photos.

With a convenient online presence, clients can now manage to get much-needed suggestions and reports through emails. Given that roof replacement can be costly, our thumb rule is to extend its lifespan in the best way possible.


Without any doubt, living in Florida’s subtropical climate is a dream for most people in the States. Unfortunately, the long summers, hurricanes, or the humid winters do not favor roofs in any way. On that note, there are several things that property managers or owners can mull over to prevent future headaches with their roofs.

First, they should consider cleaning out gutters around their home. Bear in mind that drains and gutters are specially created to drain liquids. Yet, they can easily get clogged by leaves, granules, dust, or twigs. As a result, clogged gutters may hold water and end up putting excess tension on your roof. Moreover, collected water may instigate rot or tear down around the roof structure.

Another effective solution is trimming down trees around the building. Unkempt trees can easily succumb to heavy winds or thunderstorms. If they happen to dangle on your roof, the experience allows insects and rodents direct entrée to the structure. For this reason, trim down the branches at least five to ten feet away from the building.


Repair workers need to access the rooftops regularly. However, they should be extra careful when installing satellite dishes or AC units and avoid damaging the roof. Take note that equipment or hard shoes can rip holes, crack tiles or loosen adhesives.

To prevent this, invest in walkway pads (temporary or permanent) around the places where repairers often access them. What’s more, place a soft mat to provide extra cushion between the roof surface and shoes. Above all, homeowners should request an on-site consultant to provide guidance and oversight on the safest approach.

A Final Thought

Nothing beats the peace of mind that comes with a roof that performs its role well. Thus, it would help to associate with a roofing contractor who deliberately provides nothing but long-lasting solutions. That said, All Phase Roofing Services share a similar sentiment on extending their client’s lifespan. Therefore call 1.727.580.4229 and request a free estimate from competent roof experts.


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