Due to intense weather changes in Florida, homeowners struggle to get roofing options that withstand the harsh climate. The soaking hurricanes, followed by scorching sun and humidity, make roof repair a frequent occurrence in Florida. In most homes, roof mending remains one of the nerve-racking and expensive projects to run. That’s why, besides getting an expert roofing contractor, you need to choose the correct option for your locale.

At All Phase Roofing, we offer all kinds of roofing and maintenance solutions to last you a lifetime. For the Florida weather, we recommend high-quality shingles that provide versatility in diverse climate alterations. Made in various materials from flagstone, asphalt to plastic, most homeowners prefer shingles over other options due to their easy installation and assorted colors and designs. Although there is a higher chance of shingles depreciating faster, their merits in Florida’s weather prevail over the downsides.


All through various seasons, the constant rain and storms affect shingles and roofs in Florida at great lengths. On that note, roofing guidelines necessitate homeowners to install algae-resistant shingles to safeguard against build-ups. In contrast to other US states where these rules do not hold any emphasis, the algae-resistant shingles work perfectly against Florida’s humid climate. To keep them in top-notch condition, your roofing contractor should install the shingles properly and offer repeat upholding services. Usually, the maintenance process includes scaling off algae, gutter clean-up, and refilling of cracked areas.

At the moment, the most commonly used shingles in Florida are architectural and single-layer 3 tabs. With suitable safeguarding, these types of shingles last between 10-50 years. For a more straightforward roof option selection, we will discuss in detail the distinctiveness of each of the two popular options.

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In contrast to the 3-tab shingles, the architectural ones come at a higher price but offer the best roof protection in Florida. You need to raise your budget by about 30% from the cost of the 3-tab shingles. Due to their durability, they are a more popular roofing choice with our customers. When maintained well, architectural shingles last up to 50 years.  Through their intensive double layer formation process, they offer an effective barrier against hail and rain. With the extra weight, it is not easy to blow away in a hurricane or a tornado of up to 130mph. Apart from the functionality aspect; architectural shingles stand out because of their artistic appearance. Very common in high-end homes, the thick dimension gives them a striking edge over other roofing options.

These types of shingles resemble slate tiles but are lighter compared to architectural shingles. They may not stand as the most lightweight roofing option, but they require no additional strengthening when installed. In Florida's harsh climate, 3-tab shingles last not more than 15 years. Most homeowners who opt for the 3-tab shingles consider the lower price compared to the architectural ones. Even if they are not the cheapest alternative to choose from, they offer an affordable option that can last for years.

Additionally, most homeowners find it convenient to repair their roofs using a similar shingle. Sometimes, if the initial roofing option was a 3-tab, it is more comfortable and inexpensive to replace with the same. If mounted well, the leveled-out outline in 3-tab shingles helps them resist whirlwinds and storms.

If you are looking for a lasting roofing solution, we are at your service 24/7. Our roof installation, repair, and competitive prices make us among the best-rated roofing companies in Florida with years of experience. Get in touch for a quick cost estimation.


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