Despite being referred to as the Sunshine State, beautiful Florida is also famous for hurricanes and tornadoes. For this reason, roofing in Florida has been a tall order laden with intense climate changes, pests, and insects. Frustrated homeowners have had a rough time trying to find the most resilient roofing plan.

Amongst other options, experts mainly recommend metal roofs because of various reasons. Most impressive, metal stands out as one of the most preferred roofing choices in recent times regardless of other modern options coming up. Keep following and find out why metal roofs have remarkably stood the test of time.


Curb appeal gives the first impression of a building before stepping inside. While most property owners concentrate on exterior painting and landscape, roofing should be at the top of the list. Metal roofs are not only trendy but also timeless and easy to the eye. The beauty of it all is that you can also order customized styles, designs, and colors. Undeniably, enhanced curb appeal helps owners value their properties better. In addition, an attractive house is a breath of fresh air in the neighborhood.


Recent demand for eco-friendly has irrefutably taken the construction industry by storm. Based on an analysis compiled by the National Association of Home Builders, 94% of property owners living in green homes would most likely recommend one to someone else. Stakes are high as the market embraces sustainable living; metal roofs might take over other asphalt shingles, ceramic, and slate options. One main reason is that metal panels are often made from recycled materials, which help in reducing landfills. Above all, metal emits heat and reflects light. Therefore it helps to keep the attic and ceilings cooler, leading to cheaper AC costs.

Metal Roofing


Property owners in areas not prone to frequent wildfires hardly give fire-resistance roofing much consideration. However, Florida is one of the most highly vulnerable States to wildfires, thanks to vast chunks of wildlands. Moreover, with the prevalent risks of wind-blown fire embers in Florida, flame-resistant roofs are never a bad idea. Remember that it only takes a single ember from the wildfires to put an entire building down. Research indicates that metal is one of the few roofing materials 100% non-combustible. Furthermore, since metal is lighter than tile and slate, there is a lesser chance of roof collapse in case of any fire incidents.


Even if metal roofs fade and corrode over time, they are resilient compared to other options. Most striking is that they can endure even the fiercest tropical storms and hurricanes. Also, they stay put in the strong heat and powerful Florida UV rays. While intense heat destroys the adhesive used in shingles and tile roofs, metal panels remain firmly in space. Another brighter side of metal roofs is that flying debris or falling branches hardly cause any noticeable drawback. It is no surprise that some roofing contractors offer extended warranties of more than 50 years with metal roofing.


With almost everyone feeling the pinch of the current economic snag, saving hard-earned money is more than a priority. Unknown to most people, metal roofs are pretty cost-friendly in contrast to other alternatives. Regardless of the higher installation costs associated with metal roofs, they last longer without much need for repairs.

Bottom Line

Selecting the best roofing materials in your area is never a walk in the park. Instead, it requires qualified personnel to hold your hand on available options. On that note, contact dependable experts at All Phase Roofing Services for optimal tips on the latest roofing trends.


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